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  1. prophetbrahmarishi

    Every Call of Adventure holds Prize for Enterprize.

    Only one Jesus one Buddha one .. in Two Thousand Five Hundred Years! Why? Why Not More?

    Ever imagined Jesus and Buddha leading Business, Industries, Researches and The Nations .. with their Master Minds!

    Is the Welfare God of the Religions different from Atomic God of Light Age?

    Can we have a System and more precise Process that is straight, easier and accelerating and tailored to fit present relevances?

    Can such a Process be Culture Neutral and Non Intrusive with our inherited faith?

    Do Puritan – Pre-Qualifications – ‘Do and Do Not’ really facilitate or hinder advancement?

    I am eager to know your views.

    I consider God as Supreme Consciousness and Prize for attaining God as gaining effortless access to Divine Database of Universal Knowledge.


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