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Pre-date a post

  1. Greetings--Does anyone know how to create posts that display a previous date? My site is in part an archive of older content--i.e. news stories--and I would like the post to have the same date as each story ...

  2. I think you can do that using the same system where you can set a post to publish itself.

  3. Changing datetamps is not recommended as the date is a part of every post URL. If you change the date stamps on posts then you break all the original links that have been already indexed buy search engines. What that means is that when anyone clicks them they get a "404" page not found. It also means that all the posts you chane datestamps on must be re-indexed by search engines. As search engines do not clear their caches frequently the result after re-indexing will be the original broken links and the new links will both appear in the SERPs (search engine page results). I do not recommend doing this but yes it can be done - please think long and hard before you do this because it makes no sense.

    You can edit the posts and change the datestamps in the Publish module.

  4. ~~TT

    I think they want to change the date when they first publish a Post - i.e. Publish a Post today that is dated May 14, 2011.

    If the date was changed before the Post is published I would think there would not be the 404 error issue. If the date is changed after the Post is published then yes very bad.

  5. ~~auxclass
    You're right. If the blogger is starting fresh than this would not be problematic but I thought this blogger was referring to an archive of already indexed posts. Either way the answer has been provided. Tx :)

  6. Thanks, all. Yes, these are fresh posts of old stories.

  7. You be welcome

    Another fine group forum help effort.

  8. Happy to help and you're welcome. :)

  9. Your welcome!

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