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Pre-filled comment fields

  1. For past few weeks, when a commenter goes to write a comment, their name/email/webpage aren't pre-filled in the fields like normal - the name/email/webpage of whomever was the last person to write a comment anywhere on the blog will be there instead.

    What is causing this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That cannot be seen by anyone other than the logged in member. uses cookies to keep track of commenters so if someone makes a comment on your blog, or uses a contact form the next time they come to your blog, unless they have cleared their cookies, will recognize them and complete the details for them. No one else will be able to view those details. The next person who comments will see blank fields. Commenters will not see each others details.

  3. That's the problem...Commenters ARE seeing each others details.

  4. I guess this is because does that for security reason. I is better to some time keep a commenter's information private. The fact lot of people can us this website, it is not even good for a person to post his or her photo on it. However, its still possible for a person to identify him or herself if he or she like. Just type your name .

  5. Just to clarify, this is happening to people who are not in the same city.


    Person A lives at 123 Main Street in Moncton. They leave a comment.
    Person B lives at 456 Water Street in Riverview. When they go to leave a comment, the name, email and website of Person A is on THEIR computer.

  6. It would really help to have a link to the blog in question to help us give you accurate advice.

  7. Comment #18 in this post is a great example...


  8. And it doesn't happen every time. Maybe twice or three times a week.

  9. I left a comment on your site "test" and the comment form worked like it should and I did not see any other information about others -

    You might ask the staff to take a look at your site

    Search for anything in the box then page down to the contact form.

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