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  1. I keep being told I'm a posterous user. How can I find out what this means when the word isn't in the lexicon?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you import your site from Posterous? Who, or where, is it saying you are a posterous user?

  3. posts>edit>help>get help. This message comes up "Welcome Posterous users.If you're having any trouble with Posterous import check out..."
    I'm on a steep learning curve with wordpress and my vocabulary is expanding by leaps and bounds but this one has stumped me. I'm not even sure what an "import" is in the context of my blog editing.
    While I'm on the topic, I would also like precise definitions of the following terms not in the Lexicon : account, draft, public profile, navigation. I'm a total rookie as you can see but that should just make it easier for you to answer my questions.

  4. Posterous is another blogging platform. They are closing down their operation so lots of Posterous people are moving their blogs to That message is at the top of these forums to let those folks know how to move their blogs.

    Your account is your username here on wordpress. It is identified with the email address you used to sign up for a blog. Your account can have just one blog or website, or it can contain many different blogs which you own or have access to. If someone invites you to view their private blog, you would use your account to accept the invitation—your email is what identifies you.
    An account may not have a blog in it: for example a non-blogger who is invited to view a private blog could simply sign up for an account. There are also WordPress.ORG folks who use a wp.COM account to access Jetpack.
    You can have more than one account if you want to separate your blogs from each other, say you don't want your work blog associated with your personal blog. Then you'd have to use a different email address to set up a second account.

  5. A draft is a post or page that you have written but not yet published. You can save drafts and go back to edit them another time before you are ready to publish.

    Your public profile is what you want folks to know about you online:

    All information contained within your user profile will be active for all blogs owned by that particular user account. This information is publicly accessible by all users on the internet, so you should only enter information that are you are comfortable sharing with everyone (regardless of whether your blog is set to private or not). If you don’t want people to know who you are, then you should remove any information from your profile.

  6. Navigation is how you move from page to page to post to other links.
    Menus are one way to navigate around a blog or website: You have only one page besides your home page on your blog "About" and you see it in a tab near the top of your screen. Some blogs and websites have lots of tabs in their menus.

    Another way to navigate is to use widgets in your sidebar. The archives widget in your sidebar allows readers to navigate to all your posts in a specific month. There are other widgets which will allow readers to navigate to categories, your favorite sites, specific pages and so on.

  7. So back to Posterous and "import."
    When those folks move from the old blogging platform to, they will "export" all the data on their old site (blog), text, pictures, whatever. Then they will be able to import all of that onto

  8. By the way, have you had a chance to work through this tutorial to get acquainted with

  9. Thank you very much, 1tess. The fog is starting to clear. I don't quite understand everything you say but I'm working on it .(I'm relieved to find 'account' is nothing to do with money!)

  10. LOL!
    We were all beginners once, so feel free to start a new thread with any other question you have.

  11. Well, actually there is something...I used to find out how to access the sticky posts facility and it doesn't say anything about it, neither do the 2 links at foot of page.

    Also I'm trying to put a list of my blog titles down the right hand side of the Post but so far have only been able to change the title from Archives which I don't like. I originally chose the Theme "Origin" but my posts have never looked anything like it.

  12. See here > post visibility > sticky post >

  13. I answered here:

    These forums work best if each thread has one topic: lots of folks read for information and when a thread has a whole bunch of topics, they can be confusing. So I'll ask you to start a new topic with your new question.

  14. ~~Tess
    good morning! :)

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  16. My turn to LOL!
    Sticky Posts issue now sorted. Thanks everyone.

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