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Predicted a Frreshly Pressed

  1. Well his next post was anyway Escaping Reality. Thought he was joking when he said thanks to me he was, in response to 'this should be freshly pressed' :) Also interesting to see you can be FP'd with a swear word in your Header. Good on him :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. probably the cleanest of swear words though.

  3. Good to know they can bend the rules that I'd read where they only post clean stuff to be FP'd, although I disagree it's the cleanest of swear words.

    Americans for instance can be very particular. Lets just say I know many people over here who consider (and I'm only adding a '*' to this because of them) d*mn a strong swear word. And that's from meeting people from Oregon to North Carolina, to Texas.

  4. Yes I have gathered that from watching American talkshows. It's very different in England.

  5. It really is. As someone who travels there infrequently now I can see over time how what is and isn't acceptable had changed in the 15 or so years since I left. For example, the C word would have been impossible to broadcast just after 9pm, and now it's common even on the BBC. And my wife and I were going through normal terrestrial channels one year we were over and we came across soft core porn. I half expect on my next visit to see stripping housewives at 1pm :)

  6. If you look at the comment from 'thinkingtoohard13' and Joy Victory's response, you'll see that it's not all cut and dried...

  7. And this:

    (The links are to the comments at the top of the page it lands on, by the way)

  8. And I don't think any tips are useful to get your post FP.

  9. I would strongly advise against trying to write posts that confrom to the alleged "5 Ways to get Freshly Pressed..."

    For one thing as has been mentioned there does not appear to be any real adherence to that. Also, I believe Joy Victory no longer works for Automattic (I could be wrong), but I believe there are other editors now in charge of selecting FP posts and who knows if those rules still apply.

    Second, trying to conform to those "standards" will probably result in you watering down your content to be a heaping pile of plain vanilla mush. Yes, every now and then a good, witty post will make it up there, but IMHO, 97% of the posts selected are boring or uninspiring. I made the mistake early on of trying to write content that would fit to those standards and I hated myself for it. Now, I write the way I want and I don't care if I get FP'ed or not (most likely not.)

    For those of you who don't know, I wrote a pretty popular spoof on freshly pressed:

    It is so much better to try an interact directly with other bloggers to build up your subscription list. FP posts have enormous bounce rates and most people will comment on them just to get the backlinks back to their own site. It's not uncommon to see a FP'ed have say 300 comments and then the very next post from the author barely get into double digits.

    I think FP does more harm than good as it makes writers question their own talents when they get passed up day after day.

    But what do I know. I'm moving my blog to self hosting as of March 17th, partly because I don't want the distraction worrying about whether my posts are good enough for FP...that and a lot of other reasons.

  10. And that was good explanation of my comment. And that post of yours is a good one for people desperate to get freshly pressed.

  11. I feel bad. That poor guy that got FP'd I mentioned that started my placing this post was replaced within a day. Normally they keep them up there for an annoyingly long amount of time. I hope nobody here read what I said and quickly stripped him off the privilege in favor of some bland nonsense with pretty pictures.

  12. readytochangenow

    They add to them every day except for the weekends.

    I think chasing getting FP is like chasing happiness - the act of chasing it makes it unattainable.

  13. Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it it will elude you. But, if you turn your attention to other things it will come and sit gently on your shoulder.

    Just like FP.

  14. And I read somewhere that happiness is like a kiss, you'll have to share it to have it enjoy.

  15. I like hnsaifi's theory better than jessie's. Sorry jessie!

  16. Thank you Ma'm :)

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