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    Some critical teething problems bother me, The foremost one is my problem with CSS editing using upgraded custom design tool. Perhaps there is something I should have done to activate the editor, or there is a bug. Would you kindly have a look into it, and advise? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    Asok, I’ve looked at your site and the settings in your dashboard. Unless you plan on completely rewriting all of the CSS from scratch, I would deselect “Don’t use the theme’s original CSS” and then save. This option is warranted very rarely. Since your custom CSS will load last, with that deselected, the CSS you enter into the CSS editor will override the like parts of the existing CSS.

    I see the following CSS in your Custom CSS page:

    #access .menu-header, {
    .menu1-header ul a {
    	margin-bottom: -4px;

    Those selectors do not occur in the CSS for the theme you are using, Portfolio. CSS is theme specific and seldom are the same selectors used in different themes.

    I see you are using Firefox, and Firefox has a built-in developer tool (as do all modern popular browsers), which will help you identify the selectors for the different elements in your site so that you can make changes. There is a set of brief screencasts on using the browser developer tools to “Find your theme’s CSS” in the support documents. That should get you on your way, and if you have an problems or questions, we would be more than happy to help you with them.



    I am thankful to you, Richard, for your insightful guidance hinting at the inherent nature of the Portfolio design. I thought it should be now easier to sort out the display issues with my custom CSS editing tool. My every attempt however miserably failed, obviously due to my inability in identifying the needed theme-specific selectors.

    To me, the most enigmatic theme behavior is its resistance to change the position of menu. I tried it without any success by all means that I know, even by removing the menu widgets, which should have displayed a horizontal menu at the top. The menu repositioning is a critical requirement for me; otherwise the menu growing vertically will soon go over the feature image located centrally compromising with its visibility.

    I realize today that, the things are not so easy and smooth to change Portfolio look and feel, as I thought before buying the theme. It took much of my time for my content development activities, which is far more urgent for my newly created site. The only reason I had opted for the Portfolio theme is its capability of sorting items on its portfolio pages in any desired order, and not restricted to ordering by posting dates alone.

    Are there some other non-blog-like themes (free or fee-based) that supports display of items by titles/ categories or any criteria and not by compulsive Posting Dates? If any, I would like to explore possibility of shifting to a more comfortable alternative before it is too late to go out with a refund. I badly need your help. Wishes – Asok


    Asok, I would be more than happy to help you with getting you started with the CSS. Where exactly were you wanting to move the menu to?



    Feeling so lucky for having someone like you with me to lead the way! This morning something else did happen to me – almost miraculously. Believe me Richard, the horizontal menu is back on its own, with other agreeable changes, as well. Let me relate the background story.
    In search of an alternative, last night I had a look into the full performance of the theme Academica having activated it on my site. This morning, when Portfolio got reinstalled it appeared with its original simplistic functional look with no irregular elements.

    A cursory investigation shows me that it all take place because at this point there is no interference with the theme’s original CSS. My reading is supported by my next move.

    One thing that I wanted to change immediately is the white color of the inner background that does not go in tune with my topic. I thought it should be an easy job to do by pushing the color button of my customization panel. I pushed the button, but nothing happened. It happened only when the theme’s original CSS is not in use. So I ticked the checkbox. The background color changed instantly and that ghastly features retuned on pages once again.
    As far as my experience goes,
    o The theme Portfolio does not readily respond to every Customization option (e.g. font color).
    o The theme’s original CSS does not tolerate any interference of my upgraded Custom Design package.
    My observations need further verification. I am sure you will take interest to do it.
    By the way, Richard, I liked your photography Hard Rain, and reblog it at Liviz.


    One thing that I wanted to change immediately is the white color of the inner background that does not go in tune with my topic. I thought it should be an easy job to do by pushing the color button of my customization panel. I pushed the button, but nothing happened.

    The background color in the Customizer is the area outside the white container area where you now have the patterned background. If you apply a color to the background while a background image is in use, the color is behind the background image, which is why you cannot see a change. To change the white container area, you need to use CSS. Go to Appearance > Custom Design > CSS tab in your dashboard and add the following to your custom CSS below any existing CSS you may have and edit the hex color code as desired. (Pardon my bright red sample color in the code.) :)

    #container {
        background: #CC0000;

    The theme Portfolio does not readily respond to every Customization option (e.g. font color).

    The Portfolio theme has only two font color options, Site Title and Links. I checked in your dashboard, and the links change color when I select a different color. Since you are using an image for your site title, you cannot change the color with the Customizer. You would have to create a new image in the color you desired.

    The bulk of font color changes in Portfolio will have to be done using CSS. We can help with that if you let us know what text you want to change.

    At, it is almost always best to leave the original CSS active and then to create Custom CSS rules in the CSS editor. Since your custom CSS will load after the original CSS, it will override the existing CSS. We are happy to help with any changes you wish to make.

    I’ve included a few links below about CSS and editing it here at, and also included a link to our support document with screencasts that give you a brief explanation about using the web developer tool built into the most popular modern web browsers. We have screencasts for Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, and they can help you identify which rules in the CSS control the style on the individual page elements.

    CSS Basics
    Editing CSS
    How to find your theme’s CSS



    Thanks Richard for your tips. I have changed the color of my container bg to my taste.
    Best wishes – Asok


    Asok, you are welcome and I was happy to help. Let us know if you have any additional questions.



    Richard, the container color change was hopefully my last customization requirement. That requirement is not a very special. I know other modern wp themes support alternative container colors, The theme Quintus is one that I used once personally free of charge. Here, on the contrary, to retain the customized container color I would be obliged to bear the pain of paying $30 every year toward the cost of 3- line CSS code. I only pray that the Portfolio theme authority may kindly consider with all seriousness to incorporate this container-color options into the regular package and win hearts of many customers like me.
    Yes Richard, I may come back to you whenever I encounter some operational problems for your sound advice. Have a nice time. . Asok


    Richard is great, isn’t he? Thanks for reaching out, Asok!

    Let us know if you have anymore questions in the future :)



    Hello David
    Thanks a lot for assurance of your robust help. I have been desperately looking for a solution to this:
    In my site the bookmarklet Press-This button fails to grab bits of the web.
    I had sought help at Forums » Staff Answers on Sep 13, 2013 and waited for result in vain until yesterday when I posted my query afresh in Forums » Themes on Sep 30, 2013, 11:17 AM as I have a feeling now that it might relate to some change in theme code. Here is my query:

    My Press-This tool suddenly stopped working. The pop-up form shows the image-link, but that does not respond to the click on the ADD button. The problem site is at http://www, Whereas I have another testing site at , which is still working fine with Press-This tool within the same environmental set up. Both of them are sites. They are dissimilar mainly in respect of Themes. Do you see any possibility of some unexpected change in the Premier Portfolio Theme code?
    In my problem site, I have enabled my post-sharing button Press-This from setting> sharing for sharing posts of my own blog. It works fine.
    The gist is
    • post-sharing Press-This button works
    • bookmarklet Press-This button fails to grab bits of the web

    As my content development suffers irrecoverable loss, it is becoming indeed very frustrating experience for me. Can you please look into it and advise?

    The blog I need help with is
    I need your advice. My wishes,


    Hey there Asok,

    Thanks for being patient while we looked into this!

    I was able to reproduce the same behavior using the Portfolio theme on one of my blogs and I’ve submitted the issue to the theme author for review.

    This was a great catch so congrats on your persistence and perception :)



    Since the question about Press This is a duplicate, let’s keep the conversation about it going in the original thread at

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