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Premimum theme: Headlines Any one use this yet?

  1. Sorry, I meant to say, "As you can see this theme has what I consider....(too many typos in that post!)

  2. Note that the cases above could simply be related to the theme not being a perfect fit for what you'd like, or they could be bugs or points of improvement that the developers intend to fix.

    The best example of potentially using the theme out of scope is point A.

    The theme seems to be designed like a major news site where you'd only want just a few featured articles highlighted, not a running category. Think like major editorials on current events. You'd only want the freshest of the fresh articles to be featured.

    Of course, that's just my opinion, and the developer could certainly decide to change that.

    As for issues with Premium Themes, let's keep those in the Premium Themes forum. You already have one support topic for Headlines outside of the Premium Themes forums, but I can understand why you made it.

    It's much easier for us to provide support (and much quicker for you to receive support) on an issue when it's brought up in one correct location, as opposed to three separate locations.

  3. After taking a peek at Jennikeast's site with Headlines activated it looks like the theme was designed to show only one line's worth of links in the top-most menu section, however it could easily be built into the theme's CSS to not choke so hard if a user did want to include more links or longer titles here. Maybe ask the original designer for a revision?

  4. @Jennikeast and anyone else using the Headline theme - in each post there does seem to be a HUGE grey box beneath each post and excerpts featuring the categories and tags with really large spacing between them all.

    Can this feature be tidied up or totally got rid of unless you actually click inside a post?
    I dont mind them appearing within each post but on the front page it looks quite messy with them appearing - especially so spaciously aswell!

  5. Support for premium themes is not handled here in the main forums. There is a separate forum staffed by wordpress.COM personnel and the theme designer. As I understand it, you go to appearance > themes in your dashboard and at the top where the theme you are using is listed, there is a support forum button.

    These main forums are mostly volunteers and we don't have any of the premium themes, so we cannot support them, and even so, part of what you are paying for is that special direct support.

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