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    Hi. I’d like to purchase the premium plan for WordPress and run my business’s website ACarrierofFire [dot] com through it. I have purchased the domain through GoDaddy and I’m fed up with their rising prices and lousy website editor. I got as far as picking a plan but it said my custom domain is free with premium, as is domain mapping. If I could save myself the $15 or so by not using GoDaddy and getting my current domain from WP for free, I’d like to do that instead – plus I’d be happy to have GoDaddy out of my life. Can I do that somehow, and not have my domain necessarily have wordpress in the URL? Or do I need to let the domain expire and re-purchase it through WP? It expires tomorrow, 9/8/17.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    You could set up a site here with a different domain name but if your current .com address is important to you…

    Welcome to:
    This Web page is parked for FREE, courtesy of

    I would be very careful if I was you that you do not lose your domain. Once you let a domain expire then you no longer own it and it could be months before it is released. It may not even be released but sold to a domain re-seller who could hold you to ransom to recover it. If you were very lucky and it finally became available to re-register here at many months would have passed in the interim. You won’t be able to let it expire on one day and set it up on the next. You have a grace period of around a week to renew your domain with GoDaddy. You could map that domain name to a site at by purchasing an upgraded plan. don’t currently accept incoming domain transfers so if you did that you would need to continue to pay GoDaddy for the domain.



    Man, that’s incredibly helpful. Thank you!!! I just have one more question.

    You said “You could map that domain name to a site at by purchasing an upgraded plan.” Just to make sure, you mean that if I keep paying GoDaddy for my url ACarrierofFire [dot] com I can set it up so it will automatically redirect to a WordPress site I get when I buy the Premium Plan (like ACarrierofFire [dot] wordpress [dot] com). Is that correct? If so, do I set that up with GoDaddy or WP? I’m not too clever with this stuff. :D I thought I saw a place when I was setting up my WordPress page initially that said something about domain mapping but I don’t really know what that is.


    When you’ve successfully renewed your domain with GoDaddy you could then upgrade to a paid plan. Once you’ve purchased the plan you are given a free credit to set up domain mapping to an address you already own (or a new .com domain).

    But mapping isn’t the same thing as redirecting. You would need to export/import your content. So do a little more research before you take the plunge (as you talk about your “business”…are you selling things?) and double-check which plan you’d need if you did move.



    Hi there,

    Some solid advice here from @themagicrobot. I’d just like to add if you have an existing site that you want to migrate here, you can find a guide at this link:

    And please read the link on domain mapping carefully. GoDaddy support has a habit of advising users to redirect their domains here and then set up what’s known as domain masking. That is not the correct way to point a domain here.

    Our support doc includes a link to GoDaddy’s instructions for changing the name servers of your domain to, so you should be able to do it yourself. But should you need to contact GoDaddy support for help, make it clear you want to change the domain’s name servers, not to redirect it.

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