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Premium Profile theme, not showing social icons

  1. I have just purchased the premium Profile theme, but after adding the links for my social media sites and saving changes, they do not appear anywhere. I would appreciate some help with this or I will probably need a refund.

    The blog is:


    The blog I need help with is

  2. As you can see from the theme description it is configurable, and you also have the Custom Design upgrade. What version of the main page configuration are you using, and have you already changed the CSS of the theme? If so, it's possible you've inadvertently rendered the icons invisible.

  3. I haven't touched CSS, and I have a right sidebar. I was wondering if I should try single column. Under theme options I have added the links and saved, that's all.

  4. Yes, try Single Column. The theme description shows the icons on Single Column only.

  5. Okay, have removed the sidebar and still nothing.

  6. Did you include the Http. with the links?

  7. yes.

  8. Okay, I got. I had to create a "home" page, then set the front page as a static page. It's all there now. Thanks for your help.

  9. Glad you figured it out. Presumably the theme designers COULD tell you, but they prefer to have users blundering around. It took me weeks to get one of my blogs configured properly.

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