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  1. If I buy a premium template, will I be able to post in all areas of the premium template forum, or only in the area dedicated to the theme that I purchased?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In all of them, although if you create noise for the sake of noise you're probably going to be suspended. Why would you ask for technical help for themes you do not own?

  3. My organization is curious about different templates and has questions about customization. We will be mindful of forum culture. Thank you.

  4. Why not purchase your own domain and hosting then? You can purchase the same themes from the designers themselves, but then you can edit them on your own self-hosted blog.

  5. @jmenloa

    You can preview all themes, including premium themes, on your blog. You can also purchase a theme then request a refund before 30 days to experiment with one or another.

    As for going self-hosted, you would want to double check whether a theme you want to try out offers a refund window, whether you'd get your cash back at all, or only a credit to buy a different theme. That all would be in addition to paying for a domain name and hosting service.

    You can also learn quite a bit by reading the public forums for information, including those forums for specific themes.

  6. you can read the premium theme forum without having a premium theme - that should give you an idea what others are trying to do

  7. We all should note that the Original Poster did not specify what the link to his or her organization's blog is. It's possible that the blog is a WordPress.ORG self hosted site.

    That means that information about themes with the same names (and designers) won't work the same way on the two different platforms. Themes used on WordPress.COM are specially altered to work with this platform.

    some details about the differences:

  8. Thank you all for your input.

    Our current website is hosted off of with its own domain but it was custom made by an external vendor. The back end of the site is not comprehensible to us, making layout changes and updates difficult. IT has been begging us to move our site to

    We will read through the different threads and post if we cannot find an answer to a question. Thank you.

  9. You are welcome. Sorry it took so long to consider that you have been hosted elsewhere and using WordPress.ORG.

    If you need help moving to WordPress.COM, or have questions about such a move, then please feel free to ask in these forums. A link to the actual site would be very helpful for us to provide accurate answers.

    Keep in mind that you can move from one platform to the other. There may be some details you would need to address, but that process is not very difficult.

  10. Thank you 1tess for the guidance and resources. It is encouraging to know that there exist an active and helpful community.

    At this point, we are still deliberating between a move to, building another new site on, or improving our current site to hold out a little longer. Until the next move is decided, I will be digging through the forum in preparation.

    Thanks again.

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