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    I have 4 blogs, of which I use 3 frequently. If I buy a premium theme, say, fresh news, for one blog, will I be able use it for the others as well (since Ive already paid for it), or should I make multiple payments (three times over in this case) for the same theme?

    if so, why? how logical is that?


    No, the purchase is per blog. You would have to buy it for each blog you wanted it on.



    thanks, though that’s unhappy information :(

    and one of those blogs is a group blog (and im an admin)..will my credit card and personal details be safe if i do buy a premium theme for that blog? i dont want others (incl admins) accessing all my details..


    Yes, it will be safe. No one but you would be able to see any of that information.



    thanks a lot sir !


    You are welcome.

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