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Premium Theme purchase glitch

  1. Hello, I have tried numerous times to purchase the "Photography" premium theme with my paypal information. After purchasing, I am "redirected" back to shopping cart page asking if I wish to purchase the theme "again". I have selected the correct url I wish to you use this theme for but nothing takes effect after purchase. Can someone help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Same issues im having when purchasing premium themes. Must be alround glitch. I dont have credit card to see if its just a paypal thing or not...

  3. Same problem for me trying to purchase Anthem using PayPal. I was able to purchase Photography theme on the 13th of November without any problem using the same PayPal account. Must be a problem using PayPal or the theme for WordPress.

  4. Has there been any resolution to this issue? Really was planning on working on updating my site this weekend, but if i cant get new theme i cant do a thing...

  5. Has there been any resolution to this issue? Really was planning on working on updating my site this weekend, but if i cant get new theme i cant do a thing...

    Im right there with you, I really wanted to get started on it but the first set back I guess. I just hope that I havent been charged yet for something I cant use. :/

  6. Yeah, I sent in an email to support and have yet to hear back. I would suggest to send an email to support if you haven't already.

  7. I had the same problem. I've sent an email to support 2 days ago, no replies from them yet...

  8. I still have the same problem. I'm trying to figure it out. What browser is everyone trying? I tried it on safari and Google Chrome with no luck. I also tried it on my iPhone. I was able get the Photography theme on the 13th of November with no problem, but now I can't get a different theme. I heard in another post that they suggested trying to clear the cache. I also tried that as well with no success.

  9. BTW my site that I am trying to install a n new premium theme to is

  10. Bumping this up. Anyone have a solution for the problem?

  11. Still waiting here aswell. Not fixed yet....

  12. @stkildathunda
    You have not provided an active link starting with http:// to the blog which you wish to purchased the premium theme for. Will you please do that? Also note that this post has been flagged for Staff attention.

  13. @timethief

    I have in another section but will again in here.

  14. Thanks. I just wanted to be sure that when Staff got to this thread all who posted had provided links.

  15. No worries, hopefully they get onto it soon!

  16. This is the link to my blog:

    Can Staff please fix this problem asap?

  17. Surely this would be high on list of priorities wouldnt it? Doesnt seem to be though so could be waiting a while it looks like. Pretty disappointing really. Its been 4 days since i first contacted them about it....

  18. Hello everyone. Sorry we didn't answer this thread sooner! I've researched this and I found that there was a system wide outage at PayPal on Nov 17 that lasted about an hour. Could you guys please try making a payment with PayPal again now to see if it works for you?

    I've also searched for and responded to all of your help tickets. Thank you very much for the reports, and apologies for the trouble!

  19. Still doesnt work. You go through all the steps and click confirm in paypal but then it just takes you back to the WordPress shopping cart. Where it gives you the payment options and says theme will be activated after purchase..

  20. @stkildathunda, thanks very much for checking that for me! I will see what we can do to track down the problem.

  21. We're working to get this fixed.

  22. Great to hear this is being worked on. I will check back to see status. Thanks.

  23. thank you please

  24. This issue should be fixed now! Please try your PayPal Express payments again. Your past purchase attempts (made using PayPal Express only, and only since Nov 17) were not going through and so you shouldn't be worried about duplicate charges if you try the payment again now. If you're not sure or if you have any questions about that, use our contact form to get in touch and we'll check out your account.

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