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    Bugis from Elmastudio. It has post formats (which I personally adore), loads of customization options, is responsive, and totally gorgeous.


    View the demo here:

    The blog I need help with is


    Do realize that there are restrictions here at, and if staff did, or does, adopt this theme, there may well be a good number of features it has that will not make it though and into the version that would be used here.



    Of course. Customizations options aren’t high on my list. They wouldn’t mess with the responsiveness because offering a wide selection of responsive themes helps them stay competitive and in demand, and even without post formats (which I can’t imagine they’d do anything with because they’ve been adding more themes with ’em, but hypothetically speaking…) it is still a gorgeous theme. I actually like the demo so I think if they added it I’d have no issue using it as-is.


    Yeah, I just wanted to mention that because there have been a number of people that have posted here in the forums in the past asking, “I just looked online at this theme and it has this and this and this and that. Why doesn’t the theme here have those?”



    No problem. I just always suggest themes with post formats… I think it’s stupid that asides originated with WordPress yet so very few themes here actually have theme. I also think we could really use a wider selection of responsive themes since like it or not, tablets are the future.


    There are a number of things that wordpress supports, but theme designers have not included yet. Post formats is one, and custom menus is another. I’m shocked at the number of very good themes out there that still don’t support wordpress custom menus.



    For responsive width themes use this link > It looks like Staff are focusing the most popular free themes first and working down the list

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