Premium theme vs Custom design

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    I would like to know if I buy a Premium theme, I can change whatever I want, or I have to buy custom design too?



    You have to buy custom design too. Think of it as moving into a new house with a plain decor scheme (free themes). You can buy decorating materials (custom css), or you can call in a professional decorator (premium theme) or you can do both and touch up the professional finish as you like



    Okay, thank you.

    I have another question in an example:

    Think about I buy a premium theme, and I want a custom design, so I pay for the premium theme and custom design too.

    But in 5 months, I want to change my theme in another premium theme, so I have to pay for the new premium theme.

    My question is: Do I have to pay twice for the custom design? or..Is custom design a service to pay per year even though I change my themes?



    No, custom design is a service you don’t need to pay again if you change themes. However you are likely to have to throw away all your customisations and start again, a lot of themes have very different css structures.



    A Premium Theme is a one time cost.

    Custom design is an annual upgrade I think

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