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Premium Themes: May i purchase, test in one site, and then deploy in another?

  1. I know this:

    "You have the option to choose which one of your sites you want the theme for"

    But, what i want, is purchase a premium theme, activate it in a test site, use the CSS upgrade to modify colors, fonts, etc, and after that, deploy in my main blog (wich already has the CSS upgrade)

    is this possible, or i need several licenses?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. As far as we know this is not possible. CSS editing here at is theme specific so the CSS editing you have done on Redoable Lite will not be applied to any new theme and you are subject to getting undesirable results. What is possible is "previewing" the theme.

    Also note that Volunteers answering questions on this support forum have no knowledge of Premium Themes and how they operate. If you need a definitive answer then please ask Staff.

  3. Upgrades are site-specific as far as I'm aware.

  4. @raincoater
    Yes, that's what the support docs state. Every upgrade is specific to one blog only and is for one year when it becomes due for renewal.

  5. This is the OFFICIAL wordpress response from James |
    * * * *
    In this case, you'd need to purchase the theme for your test blog, then request us to cancel/refund it before 30 days passes, and finally purchase it again for your main blog.
    Please let us know if you have any more questions!
    * * * *
    Thats what i asking

  6. Ah, that's clever. As long as they allow it, great.

  7. Thanks for returning and sharing the response. Bookmarking!

  8. I have already gone down the same method. They are very good and no fuss made whatsoever.

  9. How does one request a cancellation/refund of a premium theme? I can't find that option. Thanks!

  10. Please contact us via to request a refund.

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