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Premium upgrade fee not refunded

  1. On 25th Feb this year I paid $99, plus the non-Sterling transfer fee of £1.79, to WP-Fee.Com. This payment covered an upgrade to Premium and a domain name. I quickly discovered that this hosting was too limiting for my needs, so cancelled the upgrade well within the 4hr (?) time limit: I also filled in and sent the 'reason for cancellation' form.

    No refund has been received. As there does not seem to be a way to contact staff directly, can anyone suggest how I might proceed?


  2. I've flagged this for staff attention.

  3. @stumpthumper
    The first thing we need to know when any blogger posts here is the URL of the blog and/or domain in question staring with http:// Will you please provide them?

  4. standingtree2014

    I would have provided the requested info with pleasure, but my WordPress-based site is not run from and the domain I chose (, IIRC) was registered during the upgrade process but not used. The plan was to migrate a site hosted elsewhere to the new domain: I signed up to, did not start a blog as I planned to migrate, then quickly cancelled the upgrade on realising that I needed more flexibility than the plan could give. I hope this makes things clearer!

  5. Hi I have the same issue. I have purchased a Custom Design upgrade, but realised I am not going to use it. I have cancelled my purchase within an hour of placing an order, and filled in the form as requested, but to no avail. I have also published this question on the 2nd of April in this forum too, but noone has come back to me. WordPress staff, can you please process my request?

    My blog is



  6. @standingtree2014

    Do you intend to use the domain in the future?

  7. @juliabrnvsk

    It looks like a refund has been processed for this transaction. I will assume that the issue is resolved unless I hear otherwise from you.

  8. hi, yes all processed thank you

  9. Hello rootjosh -

    I don't intend to use in future.

    Thanks for your help!

  10. @stumpthumper

    I need the confirmation about not using to come from the account that owns the upgrade, which is standingtree2014.

  11. standingtree2014

    Ah - sorry, rootjosh.

    I confirm that I do not intend to use the domain

  12. Not a problem!

    I have processed that refund for you. Please be aware that it can take up to 7-10 business days for refunds to show up on your statement.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

  13. standingtree2014

    Good man - thanks!

    Shame we had to take this route to achieve a result, though :-)

    Anyway, job done - and I appreciate your help.

    Thanks again...


  14. Not a problem. is a great product, but it isn't a perfect solution for everyone. All the best in your future site building.

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