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Premium upgrade refund

  1. I tried to purchase a premium upgrade subscription and a custom domain when I set up my blog. The premium features are not working and the domain name did not register correctly. I got charged $99 for this and would like a refund.

    I am having trouble finding support to contact. I did get a receipt if that is helpful. The blog I need help with is Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can absolutely help you with that. Or I can help you get it set up correctly. Happy to do whatever you'd like.

    Let me know.

  3. Hey if we could get the premium features all up and running and add my domain I would be happy to stay. How could we do that? I appreciate the help.

  4. the domain name did not register correctly.

    To help @rootjosh - what exactly what do you mean? Was a name registered but not spelled correctly or did the registration did not happen at all?

  5. The domain did not register at all. I tried to set it up at

  6. Okay, I've got Premium correctly set up on your account now.

    It looks like is available to be registered. Simply log into your site's dashboard, click on Store-->Domains, enter in the "add a domain" box and click the "add domain" button. Then simply follow the instructions that appear to register your domain.

    Let me know if you have any trouble. I'll keep an eye on this thread over the weekend.

  7. I got the domain added to my site and everything appears to be working, thanks a lot for the help!

  8. Not a problem. Happy to do so.

    My apologies for the initial trouble.

  9. Hey I hate to be a pain but I just ran into some trouble. My intention was to set up an e-commerce site, and I just found out that I should have done this through instead of so I can install the necessary plugins. Is there any way I can move this over and keep the domain name that I purchased? It seems like I won't be able to use the premium upgrade I purchased with so is there still a chance I could get a refund on that?

  10. Not a problem. It happens.

    Yes. I can refund the Premium less the domain registration. This would leave you with a refund of $74.

    I can refund the entire $99, but that would require canceling the domain. Which runs a very real risk that you would not be able to register it again.

    Let me know.

  11. Yes can you please refund the $74, and I will transfer the domain to another host. Thanks

  12. I have processed that refund.

    However, please keep in mind that ICANN rules prohibit newly registered domains from being transferred for 60 days. Until that time, you can use these instructions to point your domain to your new webhost:

  13. Great, will do. Thanks again

  14. Happy to help.

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