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    Hi I want to view the themes available in Premium and Business to help decide which Level to start with but everytime I try, by clicking one of WP links, I am sent to a
    Do you want to Create a Site page. How do I just view the Themes?




    Hi there, you should be able to view our Premium themes on this page. Use the filters just below the search box to find themes by features or style, etc.

    Both the Premium and Business plan upgrades include use of those Premium themes at no additional charge. Additionally sites on the Business plan upgrade can upload and use 3rd party themes on their site. Here’s more on that:

    Here’s more information in general about the different features of our plans:

    Let us know if you have any other questions about this.



    The first link went here, like all the previous ones I tried

    You don’t have any WordPress sites yet.
    Would you like to start one?

    Create Site I would like to start one and have begun but I want to look at the Themes first. Any ideas why I am diverted to this Start Page?

    Your second link did have some interesting info on customisation, thx.



    Hello again, you’re welcome, but that’s odd that you can’t see the Theme Showcase. Maybe because you haven’t actually registered a free site yet? Regardless, I was able to see the showcase both when logged in and logged out.

    Try opening the link to the Showcase in a Private/Incognito browser window and let me know how that goes.



    the incognito window works, ta. Any idea why the other doesn’t?

    Very frustrating, 10 hours to find simple themes. How’s the rest of WP going to go?



    Again, you’re welcome. I’m not really certain what the problem would be for you in seeing the Theme Showcase page even without any registered website. What browser and OS are you using?

    Once you have registered a free website and upgraded it to one of the plans, you’ll also be eligible for direct support by LiveChat and email rather than your posts going to the community forums.

    Regardless, let me flag this for Staff just to make them aware of the issue.



    Chrome, Windows

    Thanks mate.



    Thanks for this feedback, folks; I don’t think we’d though of people who aren’t setting up a site and just want to look at themes while logged in. I’m passing it along to our developers.

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