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Presentation tab not showing

  1. connorscomputershow

    I've got the latest Firefox version but it is missing.
    Anyone with a suggestion?

  2. Latest FF = beta 3? Or the stable

  3. It's not called presentation anymore. It's called Design.

  4. connorscomputershow

    katm: FF
    vivianpaige: Ok.

    But where is the file content browser (for uploading custom widgets)?

  5. Are you hosted by I"m thinking you're probably hosted independently and need to be over at Please give us a URL for your blog, starting with http.

  6. connorscomputershow

    raincoaster: I have 2 blogs.
    Main blog:
    Secondary blog:

  7. We can't upload custom widgets here. You have to use the ones under design>widgets

  8. connorscomputershow

    Thanks, but I really wanted to add the widget.

  9. Get the html code from their site and put it in a text widget.

  10. nod to ellaella - that's exactly right. I've got that on my blog and you'll find it on a lot of blogs here.

  11. connorscomputershow

    Thanks a lot ellaella!

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