Presentations all too narrow for pictures!

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    The only theme in which pictures that I’ve img src’d from photobucket are not chopped in half is the default. The problem is all of the themes have such narrow columns, even when they don’t at first appear that way. How do I:
    a) find a theme that will accomodate widthy pictures
    b) make the text column wider
    Also, a lot of the themes claim to have options. Where? Near as I can figure I just click on it and that’s that.



    (a) find a theme that will accomodate widthy pictures

    This thread from FQAs tells you how large the blogging area is and hence how large an image you can place in that space

    These are the themes with that largest blogging spaces:
    Shocking Blue Green .. 800px
    Silver is the new Black .. 800px
    Wordpress Classic .. 800px

    (b) make the text column wider

    I believe the only way you can accomplish this is by purchasing a css upgrade and customizing the css stylesheet yourself.

    Widgets (on most themes)
    Extras (Snap Preview)
    Custom Image Header (on some themes)
    Edit CSS



    Engtech has also done reviews of the themes that are available to us here at You can find them on his blog:

    Not sure what themes you’re looking at. Please note that we can not install any of our own themes here. We’re running a different platform than regular wordpress and selections are restricted due to security concerns.

    Also remmeber that you putting full size pictures directly in posts are sometimes considered rude. Please remember that a large portion of websurfers are still on dial up connections. Best bet would be to use thumbnails and then link directly to the picture.

    It appears your blog is marked as private so we can’t see it to offer better suggestions than that.

    Hope this helps,



    Oh yeah, I’m not really concerned that the three people who have access to my blog will mind the large pictures. I’m not going to rebother sizing them, I just link them right from photobucket, so they’re not huge, they are standard for photobucket.

    I will try those two other themes, thanks!



    The blue green one looks good and is wide enough for pictures! Thank you!


    Although the styling of the themes vary these ones all have the same width: Shocking Blue Green .. 800px; Silver is the new Black .. 800px; and WordPress Classic .. 800px.



    BTW you’re welcome :)


    Dear Dr. Mike: Regarding your comment about adding large photos and it being rude. Is this also true for art-oriented blogs? Mine is about painting and photography and I would expect that folks expect to see images there.

    I don’t want to be rude, but I upload large-ish images all the time. Please let me know if you feel that is rude for an art/photo blog.

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