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Preserve code indentation , how ?!

  1. I tested the source code tag for a while and I found that it removes any code indentation :( , any idea about how to keep my indentation ?

    BTW : Tips about indentation in this forum fails to work in the source code tag :( !

    Thanks :)

  2. I can't post my codes because it starts adding P's to it. So I put everything on a text file and upload it through WordPress.

  3. If you want to get funky with formatting, and you don't want to learn CSS and pay for the CSS upgrade, is simply not the place for you. It's just too difficult or impossible.

  4. @ mymyspacelayouts : I don't have the "P's" problem , I have "Â's" problem instead which replace all my spaces :( !

    @ raincoaster : you maybe right , It looks like that I will use Text files as mymyspacelayouts said :(

    Thanks anyway :)

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