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    I’ve been blogging on Blogger since August 2008: . I would like to import my blog to a blog. I’ve tried using the Blogger import and the converter. In both cases, new URLs are generated for my old posts and Google Maps are not rendered (I have a Google Map on almost every post). Is it possible to import from Blogger to and have URLs maintained and Google Maps transferred?
    Blog url:



    There won’t be any to preserve your URLs. We use a different structure here.

    As for maps, you can re-embed them following this guide:


    Okay, thanks. Does a install have the ability to preserve URLs imported from Blogger? Or, on, can I manually change the URLs after import to match my Blogger URLs?



    On, you cannot change the URL structure, but you can on


    okay, thanks. are there any paid upgrades that would allow me to preserve URLs on



    No, that type of change is only possible with a installation.


    okay, thanks. from what I’m reading about installations importing from Blogger, I only see meta refresh redirect solutions. is it possible for a install to parse and 301 redirect old Blogger URLs to new URLs?



    The redirect would need to happen on Blogger’s end. If you have a domain name with Blogger, once you point that to your installation, it’s just a matter of setting your permalinks to use the same structure.

    To clear up any confusion, and are two different entities. has complete support and documentation sites for self-hosted/installed versions of WordPress via their Codex and Support Forums.


    okay, thanks.


    after further testing, it looks will translate (301 Redirect) old Blogger URLs to new URLs as long as the publish date for a post has not been changed. does that sound correct?


    correction, will translate (301 Redirect) old Blogger URLs to new URLs as long as title of the post has not changed since it was first published. does that sound correct?



    No, that doesn’t sound correct. A redirect needs to be issues on the sending end. It can’t be handled on the receiving end, otherwise you’re just shooting in the dark.

    WordPress will make a guess as to the new location of the title of the post, but that’s just a guess. It’s not an exact science.


    Do you know the “science” behind WordPress’s guess so that I can give my posts the best chance of correctly being redirected?




    It should compare keywords of the incoming post slugs with existing post slugs, and redirect automatically.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us again if you need anymore help. :-)


    awesome, thanks!



    You’re welcome! Feel free to drop us a line if we can be of any further assistance.

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