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    I’m just getting started and have been experimenting with different templates and widgets. This morning I changed some widgets, but this afternoon, I no longer have the “Presentation” link on my Dasbhoard, so I can’t get to Themes or Widgets. How or why did this happen and how can I fix it?

    Addition to original post: I also noticed that I no longer have a link in my Dashboard for Users.


    same problem here! anyone?



    I do not see a missing link anywhere, it still exists for me. Maybe just do a cache refresh.


    i had that problem yesterday and it keeps freakin me out right now



    I think you need to serious chill, Elect. Especially since you’ve provided no information about your setup in which we can assist you. (ie browser and version, connection to the internet, etc.) Please also remember that 99% of the people here to assist you are volenteers who are going out of their way to help you so that the staff at can use their time on other things.

    Alphonse gave you a suggestion. Have you tried it?



    Drmike, Alphonse,
    Thanks for the response and the suggestion. I did a clear cache this morning, but it had no effect. I am still missing the links for both “Presentation” and “Users”. Any other ideas?

    Please be aware that there are two of us with the same problem. I am the author of the original post.

    What info do you need about my setup? Our blog is on My personal computer is running Windows XP, SP2 with the Windows Firewall turned off. I’m using the latest version of Firefox as my browser, but I also checked out the situation with IE 6, with identical results. Let me know if you need more info. TIA.



    This problem is resolved. It required direct intervention from support. Thanks to those who tried to help.

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