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Press It Bookmarklet Missing from "Write Post" Page

  1. I would really like to use the Press It bookmarklet but it is missing from My Dashboard. I know it used to be on the bottom of the 'Write Post' page but it is not there any longer. The 'Add Link' bookmarklet on the Blogroll page is still there and works fine. It's just the Press It bookmarklet that is gone. Is this feature discontinued? Is there somewhere else I could find this bookmarklet? It was so handy!

  2. I still see it at the bottom of the Write page, as well as in the upper right of the administrative bar. Do you not have it in either place?

  3. No, I don't see it in either spot.

  4. That's odd indeed. Support is still open for another few minutes; why not use the Support button and let them know?

  5. OK, I figured it out. It was browser weirdness. I use Opera and for some reason the Press It bookmarklet wasn't showing. I opened the page in Firefox and there it was. I copied it from FF to Opera and now it's working fine.

    I don't know why the 'Add Link' bookmarklet shows up in Opera but the 'Press It' bookmarklet doesn't.

  6. Neither Opera nor Safari plays well. I should have thought of that. But I'm glad you've got it sorted and thank you for marking the thread Resolved.

  7. I can't see either bookmarklet (Press It - Add Link), I have searched on every pixel of the Dashboard on every browser but I can't find them at all.
    Are they gone with the new version?

  8. same here. I can't seem to find it.

  9. Same here. No joy on press it.

  10. Nope, I can't find them either, and I could really use them at the moment.

  11. Yebo. What's up?

  12. Ugh, this was why I joined and set my blog up here. I really like the grab/capture/share capability that Facebook has, but I wanted to get off of Facebook. Now it's gone on WordPress. Ugh.

  13. yeah.. I'm not seeing it either, and I was trying to do the same thing; getting away from Facebook while still having their one click functionality.

  14. Hello, I'm having this problem as well. Am on Flock 1.1.4.

  15. fronttowardenemy

    Ditto on firefox 2

  16. I have tried Firefox, Safari and Camin on OS X Leopard. I don't see the bookmarklet on any of my blogs.

  17. Apologies- found the link on the bottom right of the New Post page.

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