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  1. Just a quick questions: What does the 'Press this' button do?

    Also, is there a way to keep track of your favorite blogs without having them in your blogroll or subscribing to them?

  2. Try using the search box. It's been explained a few times if I remember correctly.

  3. Tried that sorry, nothing came up. Unless I was searching in the wrong area...Sorry about this, I only joined yesterday so I'm basically stupid on anything to do with this website so far.

  4. Okay, I believe you. Our previously-useful search feature appears to have been fired and replaced with a barely-literate substitute.

    Press This is a sort of shortcut to a blog post, so if you're on a blog and you like what it's talking about and you want to start your own post linking to that blog, you hit Press This and it's supposed to take you to the Write Post page, where there will be a link already in the post it's started. Lorelle's explained it way better, but I cant' find it on her site either. Same search I guess!

    I got this from Google:

  5. Thanks, for the help and the links.

  6. originalthinker

    absolutetly. Ive been wondering the same thing for a week now. coaster your the best.

  7. Thanks. I've never used it, because I like WAY more control over the way my posts are formatted, but some people love it.

  8. I like the press this, but it always posts to my first blog. How can I get it to start a post in another of my blogs??

    lazy man

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