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Press This and Chrome 15/16

  1. Using Press This with either Chrome 15 or 16 works only intermittently. Sometimes using the Press This bookmarklet results in a blank popup or a popup that doesn't connect to

    This seems to be a Chrome issue, as Firefox 8 does not have this problem.

    Anyone else seeing it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I get a pop up correctly every time (with the current v. of Chrome 16). HOWEVER, the "Close Window" button in the pop-up press this window NEVER works...

  3. I think I've seen that as well. I'm seeing my issue on a fresh install of Windows XP. I can reproduce it at will.

  4. Well, now I'm getting the blank pop-ups. I should have knocked wood when I posted earlier.

  5. Are you willing to try using Firefox 9.0.1? It's working for me.

  6. Firefox doesn't seem to have this problem, but it is annoy to have to switch browsers to make posts.

  7. Using Chrome 16 at the moment and no problem whatsoever.

    Is it possible you aren't using the latest iteration of the bookmarklet? If not, head to the Dashboard>Tools>Available Tools.

  8. It is intermittent. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. And I'm using the latest bookmarklet.

  9. I just updated to Firefox 9.0.1 on a Core 2 duo MBP with Lion. Now when I try to publish to my blog with the press this bookmark button, it does not work. Anyone know if there is a fix?

  10. I'm using Firefox 9.0.1 on Windows XP and I have no issues with using Press This. Have you contacted Staff for help?

  11. WordPress just introduced an extension for Chrome that has some nice features including built-in Press This.

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