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Press this button won't work

  1. I have used the press this button on my toolbar many times. I downloaded a new version of IE and now the button only takes me to the tool page. It doesn't work anymore. I also can't drag it to the toolbar now either. Anyone know how to help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Which version of Internet Explorer did you upgrade to?

  3. Well,,,I'm embarrassed to say I don't know where to look on my computer to answer that question. I'm thinking it was IE 9.

  4. The version name is usually indicated under Help > About Internet Explorer. That will confirm if it's Internet Explorer 9.

    You can also try one of the tips here:

  5. said I was browsing with IE 9

  6. Estherlou - did you ever get it to work? I can't get it to work. I've tried dragging and right clicking to no avail! :(

  7. What browser and version are you using?

  8. I can't get it to work on IE. It works on mozilla firefox, though. So I end up using both browsersl

  9. I use IE 8..... not a compatible version?

  10. Thanks estherlou...I will try that.

  11. I just know it won't let me drag it to my bar in IE.

  12. I am using also IE 9 and cannot use the Press This-Script. It does not work with drag&drop and save as favorite with right-click does also not work....

  13. @msicc
    Have you considered downloading Firefox 4.0? It works very well with WordPress.

  14. I'm sorry that link should have been

  15. no because i don´t like firefox

  16. Okay. I thought you were solution orientated but if you prefer not to try that's your prerogative.

  17. i have tried it with firefox but normally i don´t use it. and using it is not a solution as for all internet things i use ie9.

  18. i try to get the script code with ietab
    hopefully this will work to add a bookmark

  19. does not work.

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