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    Say you have a large image loaded, like the following:

    Click Press This > Photo Tab > Thumbnail > Image in Javascript Lightbox

    The image that gets inserted into your post is huge. I tried changing the settings on the “Media Settings” page, but I think that is for something else.

    It would be nice if the code could make a thumbnail / smaller image with linked to the bigger one. It is nice that it copies the files to the wordpress servers. I would like to change the settings of the smaller image that is actually seen on the blog so that it depends on what theme people are using.

    Perhaps we would have to edit the javascript of the press this button depending on what theme your using.

    Someone can easily write a Press This generator if someone else (at automattic prolly since the images are stored on your servers) can spend the time to figure out how the thumbnail generation.

    I dunno if this is a bug or a feature request ^^



    This is regarding my blog. :)



    This is surely not a blog?



    It unfortunately is a blog matter. By means of the new “Press This” bookmarklet, one of the options in the new write window that opens is to insert a photo that appears on someone else’s site into your Post.

    And I for one vote to have this new “feature” immediately removed.



    Pardon me for saying that the new “Press It” bookmarklet just assists content theft.



    oh, god…


    I agree with Jennifer, the press-this bookmarklet is a big help to content thieves, and they don’t need any help, they are far too proficient at stealing content as it is.



    content thieves … wow
    People use their blog(s) in different ways. I don’t think you should be so quick to jump to the conclusion that everyone is a thief. The majority of people who blog make little to no money from their work, and only do it because they enjoy it.
    The new press this bookmarklet is improved over the old one. It will be even better when the new features they added can be perfected.



    I too have to side with Jennifer here. This “cool” feature need to be taken off WordPress asap, and no, not because “everyone” is a thief, but because unfortunately a vast number of blogs are in fact simply stealing content from other blogs, some with proper credits, but most without, and money-making blogs are the worst at this. “Press It” will just make this even more easy.



    Because guns enable people to kill each other should we stop making guns?
    Because people die in car/airplane/train crashes should we stop making them?
    Because george bush is a retard should we stop electing presidents?
    Because some books/tv shows/video games give our children bad ideas should we burn all of them (not the children- haha)?
    Because some people break the law using a computer should we destroy all the computers?

    No, No, No …

    It is like all of you are pissed at wordpress and all the people who donate their time to the open source project for trying to make a better product.

    Consider pictures of naked famous people. Ok the paparazzi should probably be shot, but the pictures they take are highly desired by the general public. We are all sure that the celebrities don’t want the pictures to be taken, let alone plastered on a million web pages, but it happens and its been happening for years before the press this bookmarklet was developed. You can’t stop something that is an inherent characteristic of the internet.

    When a great number of people are interested in a particular topic at the same time this usually leads to a server that slow or crashes if they configured it was poorly configured. Mirroring images on your own blog that you enjoy enables you to be able to enjoy it later should the image get deleted or renamed, but it also allows for a greater number of people who are interested in the image to view it. In fact the greater number of times that content gets copied, linked and relinked determines the popularity of the content, but it also makes it extraordinarily more difficult to find the original author.

    When something is posted on the internet it becomes news to some degree. Just as the celebrities can’t get their pictures removed, the original author can’t get his image removed. The image has become news and removing it would be against the freedom of speech. Yes people are expressing their first amendment when they say, hey I like that image, I want to look at that later, I’ll save it on my blog.

    Now I’m not saying people shouldn’t give credit where credit is due, but this is not always something that is possible when it comes to things posted on the internet. Consider someone who has searched through thousands of photos to find the top ten pictures of boats that have capsized? Lets say 6 of these images have already been posted and 4 are new pictures that the original author posted on flickr.

    The 4 are easy right, just link to the image on flickr. The other 6 he would have to spend weeks if not months sifting through links and emailing people on their website to search for the original author. That is a lot of time wasted just to add a link or or a photo credit to some pictures he found and took the time to sort through to come up with the ones he thought were the best.

    When an image gets posted on the internet and becomes popular it is not always possible or worth the time to try to find the original author and verify that what they say is true.



    Wow llbbl,
    do you get paid per word… LOL

    I think the press this bookmark is a good add on better than first press this…




    llbbl wrote
    Now I'm not saying people shouldn't give credit where credit is due, but this is not always something that is possible when it comes to things posted on the internet.
    Of course it is not always possible to track down the original or more original or most original author or poster of anything, but regardless of that, any blogger should at least give credit to where his or her post is taken from.
    I don’t put any effort in tracking the sources of my sources, but at least I credit my 1st-tier source. The Press This function does enable that, but it makes it too easy to override and delete the source link. If the source link was embedded in such a way that you could not take it off your post, then I’d be more than happy to use this tool. As it is now, content grabbing or stealing is just a mouse click away, and I don’t think WordPress should be part of that.



    my 2 ct:

    The f***tards who deliberately steal (copy all + delete source link) content will be looking for even easier ways to grab content i.e. automated crawlers.

    I agree that the bookmarklet makes stealing easier but I cannot imagine that any serious content thief would stay with it for long. The threat seems rather marginal to me.



    df, you are probably right in saying that serious scrapers use more ingenious methods than Press This, but WordPress should not make it easier for the not so serious scrapers to do the same thing.



    This is where we get to the real dilemma: Are the benefits for good bloggers bigger than the harm caused by bad bloggers?

    In all honesty: I don’t know and most probably noone ever will. But I’m an optimist.



    The Press This bookmarklet does not behave differently than other bookmarklets out there. Tumblr,, Facebook, (the list goes on) all have bookmarklets that work very similarly.

    Should we shut Tumblr down because its sole purpose is to source content created by others?

    Should we get rid of “Press This” because it allows you to source content easier (and a few people aren’t original enough to create their own unique content)?

    Bad people do bad things with great technology all the time. The web inherently is about making your data public and thus publicly accessible. Weigh the pros and cons of that before putting your intellectual property into a public space.

    Pencils are tools for writing – but they can poke eyes out.

    Press This is a tool for blogging. We aren’t putting DRM on every page on the web for a reason. DRM ruins the user experience. Amazon learned this the easy way, Apple is learning it the hard way.

    The general rule of the universe applies here: be nice.

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