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Press This is a terrific little thingie

  1. What a useful little thing! I accidentally stumbled upon it and decided to use it and it is quite a time saver. Whoever thought of it should get a Gold Star!!!

    Theme is “DePo.”

  2. I've never used it, but have never heard anything bad about it :)

  3. There was someone a few days ago who I think believed that the new format eliminated the regular big editor, and made a comment to the effect that it was like doing surgery through a keyhole using it.

  4. I prefer to use the firefox wordpress addon rather then the press this thingy. For some reason, I just dont like that press this feature.

  5. Awww, wish I'd seen that analogy. A lot of things people say are actually kinda funny (even though I'm not sure they see it that way).

  6. @aw1923

    Which wordpress add on are you using ?

  7. what is the firefox addon? i use firefox & don't know about that..

  8. Oh crap, I completely did not realize that teck asked me a question like 5 days ago. I hope you already found out instead of waiting to me to answer, but if you haven't found out then heres the add on

    Its the WordPress Sidebar 1.9. I like it because its more simpler and doesn't waste loading time when opening it. The press this isn't slow, its just isn't as fast and smooth

  9. hmm im not crazy about it so far, but i'll give it a try

  10. I guess its an addon that requires one to get acquired with. And, how could you be using the FireFox browser and not take advantage of all the wonderful addons. My other favorite addon, which I think Teck told me about, is the SpeedDial addon. I have multiple pages open at once, so this helps.

  11. aw1923:

    Yep I figured it out but I was more intrigued by the other add ons
    in that category.

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