Press This lost edited material when draft "saved"

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    I can’t tell you how livid I am – when I clicked to save a draft of an article I’d created using Press This, the damn thing prompted me if I was sure I wanted to do it (with only one response, a link saying Try Again), I clicked the link and the original page was refreshed as new, losing half a day’s writing, one of my best articles!

    This is the first time I’ve used Press This. It looked like it would be an amazing feature. It says you can edit the content. There was NOTHING to suggest that I had to save it first as a draft, or that it would lose all my editing.

    This is not a good situation. Yes, I know, I should have copied it all into the windows clipboard, but it’s not too much of an assumption that “Save Draft” will save a draft, including the whole of the text.

    “Back” (via my mouse) didn’t do it. If anyone can suggest a way to avoid having to write the blasted thing again, I’d be very grateful to them (the window is still open, but I don’t suppose the data is anywhere to be found). It’s not in my drafts. I hope someone can fix it so other people don’t have the same issue. I’m assuming it wasn’t just a one-off glitch.

    I used Press This with the whole page.

    Damn it, that’s ruined my day.

    The blog I need help with is



    the same thing happened to me for a blog post. this plug in should really do only one thing – protect people’s work. That’s really all it should do and it can’t even do that. So disappointing.

    I think I figured out the bug, at least in my case.

    I wrote a blog post. Then I saved as draft. Then everything in the window disappears and it looks empty but it says the draft has been saved. Since the press this interface is now ‘blank’, I go ahead and write in a second blog posting. Much shorter, just notes for something I want to write later. I save this ‘2nd draft’ then close the window.

    I visit my website and sign in.. and guess what? ONLY THE 2ND ONE IS SAVED AS A DRAFT. The first one??? Disappeared into the netherworlds of the internet. Who the —k knows.. it’s just gone.

    Anyways, DON’T USE PRESS THIS. Or if you do, make sure you confirm your post is on your site or something. As for me, I’m deleting the button from my browser and I hope to never see it again.



    If the post was created on the dashboard of your own blog at Dashboard > Posts > All Posts > Add New then you ought to be able to recover a lost post or page from revisions if needs be.
    See also if applicable > restoring from trash

    (If you are referring to a Page then see here >

    But if the post was created here!/post/ there is no means of recovery as the auto-save is not functioning there.

    Always create your posts on the dashboard of your own blog at
    Dashboard > Posts > All Posts > Add New
    The auto-save works there and the post will be Standard post format unless you change it.

    Do not create posts here >!/post/ where the auto-save is not working and where you are creating an Aside post format.

    Use an offline blog editor so you have backups on your own computer



    dwryu72, thanks for providing more clues to the bug and adding support to the fact that there is one.

    timethief, thanks for providing some background information about posting and retrieving saved posts, but I’m not sure this is relevant to using Press This, which you don’t mention – perhaps you don’t know about the feature.
    As it says there: “When you’re done, click Save Draft to save the post, or if you’re ready, hit Publish.” I wasn’t ready to publish, I clicked Save Draft, and it didn’t.

    There is no revision to retrieve, as it hasn’t been saved. Data entered into the edit control has been submitted, as far as the user is concerned, but has been discarded by the software. It’s a bug. Yes, we can use editors and back it up elsewhere, but the point of Press This is the ease with which you are supposed to be able to click on a web page, or select text from one, and blog about it, then save it as a draft or publish it (normal procedure as per writing a post from scratch).

    It is possible that it usually works, but in these cases where it didn’t something happened – it timed out, perhaps – I don’t know.




    Hi again,
    Yes, I am aware of the Press This feature and how to use it. I failed to tell you that I tagged this thread for a Staff response earlier re: Press This.



    Thanks timethief. :)



    You’re welcome.



    Thanks for your responses. I think I’ll take timethief’s suggestion and use an editor in the future.

    I also posted in Forum as I was using the plugin for a WordPress website I have and not for

    Here’s a link I made of the problem:

    Basically, what I think happened for me is this – I created one post, saved to draft, then created a second post, saved that one, but by some quirk, it only saved the 2nd post. I did an experiment where I just wrote something quick and the same error happened again.

    I’m using Chrome.

    Either way.. I hope they do something about it to prevent others from having the same problem.



    @ lettersquash – I’m sorry you had trouble with the Press This feature. I would be happy to investigate the issue for you.

    I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem you mentioned, but a few more details might help with that. Can you send me a link to the page you wanted to “press” to your blog (the page you were on when you clicked “Press This”)? Also, can you let me know what browser you used to do this?

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