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Press This Not Working

  1. I have two blogs with different user ID's. Press This works on the one I would never use Press This for and when I am at the blog that I want to use Press This for all I get is a blank WordPress page with these words,

    Cheatin’ uh?

    Not sure I get what the cheating concept here is. All I want to do is use Press This on a certain blog.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Neath,
    That's weird. Have you tried logging out, clearing your browser cache and cookies and logging in again? When this happened to me ages ago that's what I did and it worked. If it doesn't work for you then here's the link for contacting Staff. >

  3. or all I get is a blank WordPress page with these words,</bloclquote>

    Here's another troubleshooting idea.

  4. WHich blog? It certainly won't work on a private blog.

    not private from what I know, but that, "cheating uh?" makes me feel that WP is recognizing something.....?

    Thanks for your responses.

  6. I know the Automattic sense of humour when I see it: that's Matt and his crew, telling you that reblogging your own post is cheating. It's an anti-SEOscammer measure. You should be able to work around it by first Liking your post, then Reblogging it. THat does the same as Press This.

  7. @toemailer: Please could you contact support with more information on the steps to reproduce this error message and we will look into it for you.

  8. @raincoaster
    Thanks for that comment. It was helpful. Bookmarked!

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