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Press This problem

  1. elizabethwideopenspaces

    I want to add the Press This application, but am unable to select, drag, and drop the Press This button from the site to my bookmarks. I'm using a free wordpress blog-could that be why I can't use Press This? If not, does anyone know why this isn't working? Your help would be much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You should be able to drag & drop the Press This bookmarklet from the Tools > Available Tools page to your bookmark toolbar (I believe it actually has to be in the bookmark toolbar, not the bookmarks -- make sure your bookmark toolbar is visible, then drag & drop it next to your other bookmark tools).

    I just tested it (in Firefox 5.0), and dragging & dropping it worked fine. If you're using a different browser, make sure it's the most up-to-date version. You can go to to check & update. :)

    Here's the Support page about "Press This":

    I actually prefer the Firefox Add-on "Add This" to the "Press This" bookmarklet because it gives me other options in addition to the "press this" option, and I don't have to have my bookmarks toolbar visible (which I never use), since the "Add This" bookmarklet sits in the address bar of the browser, nice and small & handy.

  3. elizabethwideopenspaces

    Thank you so much! Turns out, I just needed to update my browser. Press this is now working! This was a great help-much appreciated! :)

  4. Good! I'm glad it was an easy fix. And you'll now "browse happy"! :)

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