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PressRow categories in sidebar don't display correctly

  1. I don't know if this is because of all the reported widget/sidebar errors reported in the last hours, but I realized lately that the categories widget within my PressRow themed blog doesn't display correctly.

    It seems like the complete 'tag list' became a list element of another list called "categories". I checked different PressRowed blogs on and I can see this error everywhere.

  2. Tags and categories are the same thing at Is this something that changed on your blog, or something you just noticed now? It's quite possible that if the name changed, it's related to the sidebar widget issue others have reported.

  3. hmm, I just noticed it now. It changed on every PressRow themed blog.
    Maybe you're right and this is because of the reported widget issue.

    I just thought it might be good to post the problem. :)

    btw. this is a little screenshot of the problem.
    errorfv1.png - Imageshack

  4. I am having the same identical issue with my blog. New "category" category. My blog is a CSS modified version of Contempt, if that matters. Just noticed it this morning. I will complete a feedback note and send that in as was suggested.

  5. Just wanted to say that this categories thing isn't fixed yet although the widgets issue seems to be by now.

    As far as I've read in other forum threads this isn't limited to the Pressrow theme any more.

  6. I have the same problem described by Gloria. Could someone please provide an update as to what is being done about this?

  7. I have the same problem with my Kubrick 1.5 theme. "Categories" sub-heading under my "Categories" heading.

  8. Same thing is happening in theme -Fresh Bananas by Jeff Wheeler-.

  9. This is a most unimpressive communication (or lack thereof) from WordPress staff to users. At least send an email to everyone, or post an update on the main forums page.

  10. I like to think they are too busy working furiously on the issue :) They've been great!

    I was right -- my categories have been fixed!

  11. @jdoohan - Did you send in a feedback to staff yet? When you send in a feedback you are (usually) put on a list so that when a fix is implemented you get cc'd by email. I just got an email from Joseph stating that a fix for this problem was uploaded, I checked my site, and the extra "Category" subheading is now gone.

  12. how do i leave feedback?

  13. When you are up in your dashboard for your blog there is a tab on the far right side that says "Feedback". Click on this tab and it will drop down with a box to type in your problem (or praise) and then submit it.

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