PressRow Custom Header disappeared

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    Hi. I’m using the PressRow theme. My misfortune goes like this:

    1. I upload a custom header, crop, save…
    2. It’s not there
    3. I reset the header to PressRow default (a picture of books)
    4. That’s not there
    5. I open blog in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari to make sure it’s not a browser issue
    6. It’s still not there
    7. I upload a smaller jpg for the custom header
    8. That’s not there either

    Any idea what the problem is? Is it even something I can fix?

    Many thanks,

    The blog I need help with is


    Oh, and the site URL:


    Size and crop the header to the exact dimensions required for your theme before uploading it. The crop feature here seems to have been broken a few months ago and never fixed. It works for some, but not for others.


    Thanks for the advice. Resized the photo to 770×200, the required dimension, and it still didn’t work. Perhaps it just doesn’t work for me…

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