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Pressrow theme - image wrapping alignment being stripped

  1. (1) The Pressrow theme has "a jump to comments" at the commencement of the first paragraph that has become a real pain in the backside when it comes to including images in posts. Because it exists placing an image in the first paragraph and still having text wrapping around the image has become at virtually infeasible. The existence of the "jump to comments" forces the blogger to place images further down in the post whether they want to or not and I don't.

    (2) In addition something in the programming in this theme seems determined to strip out every align = "left" [center or right] that I put in. I do want text wrapping rather than "floating" images next to large white spaces, consequently, it's taking me 3-4 edits on each post to place an image with text wrapped around it in the third or fourth paragraph of the post, where I didn't want to place the image in the first place.

    What to do? [she asked grinding her teeth].

  2. There is an update to that theme which may address this.
    But we need to check it carefully so as to be sure what changes it will bring with it - every theme update upsets someone somewhere so we do need to be sure.

  3. @podz
    Thanks for the response. I'll keep my images to a minimum and consequently my blood pressure will be maintained at a healthy level, while I await the implementation of the update.

  4. Yes, hate the jump to comments thing... messes up my whole post.

    Also the text is aligning flush next to a photo so I have to put photo's on the right to make it more readable. I'll have to limit my photos too timethief.

    Also if I end the post with an image it goes over the 'filed under' strip at the end of a post! Looks very untidy and the rest of the strip dissapears!

    I really love this template so I really hope this all gets fixed somehow... pretty pretty please?

  5. Oh yes, and the way header letters like the 'g' dissapear under the grey section it heads e.g. 'Category'

  6. Bryan will apply the upgrade - so if it's fixed there it's fixed.

  7. I'm over the moon. I just placed an image in the Pressrow theme and aligned it to the left hand side thinking it wouldn't work i.e. the text wouldn't wrap but it did.

  8. It's really nice seeing themes being fixed. Thanks guys.

  9. Sadly it isn't fixed. It seems that because I used a small image the text wrapping worked yesterday but today it's back to "acting up". So please put this back on the "fix" list.

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