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    I’m using the Excellent PRESSROW theme and three things are still bugging me after seven months, so I would most appriciate solution.

    a.) Quotation marks: I get two left ones. That is: the left mark of a quote faces left,
    instead of facing right, no matter what I’ve tried. Left side: should face right, like
    this: “see”?
    How to get quote marks to face each “other”? (I often use quotes, so two ‘lefties’ make
    me look dumb!)

    b.) Sidebar – built-in fonts: characters that decend, like g p y
    –bottom of character is cut off. How to fix?

    Anyone have these issues or only me?

    c.) Post title: how to mark words in the title, e.g. italic, boldface?

    I SEARCHED but didn’t see any posts or threads about any of these issues; not in Google either. I didn’t ask SUPPORT because I suspect a.) & b.) can only be fixed by designer, not WP, and I tried to ask the designer, but his website states his e-mail is ‘off’ so any ideas –work-arounds?

    If designer Chris sees this: Please know I think the design is so good it actually cheers me up to look at my own blog –design, header, layout & fonts are that good! Can you help me, or can you fix the bugs?

    If you need to know, I’m on: IE 6, Win98 2nd ed.



    I deleted the other 2 duplicate topics on this! Actually, I would ask staff about this one as they have to ‘re-develop’ the themes to work with WordPress MU and Not sure if they can fix any of it, but might be able to contact the developer about it.




    TWO duplicate posts? Sheesh! Sorry. Why isn’t there an “edit” button for OP thread anymore? And while I’m asking: why isn’t there time – date stamp for it anymore? (Thanks for delete –can you also fix my typo? –!)

    I don’t actually know/get “MU” but if you’re saying: send a FEEDBACK/ask Support, okey-dokey. Thanks for swift reply.



    The software that runs this site is called WordPress Multiuser or WPMu for short.

    IE 6 hides the links for the first post in the thread. The links are there but you just can’t see them. I’ve pointed it out to staff and they fixed it but the issue came back a few weeks ago.



    >”IE 6 hides the links for the first post in the thread”
    Oh! I didn’t know –everyone but IE 6 users can see, thanks doc. So…either: WP Admin. fixes that or (gulp) I will have to –learn how to use another browser (*shuddering…brain shutting down)? Okay, I vote: WP do Your Thing! (–Better You than me!)

    >”WPMu for short”
    That doesn’t, actually, mean anything to me. It could be called “Banana” –I still wouldn’t know/understand it technically, and happily I don’t have to care, to enjoy blogging at the WP! (Hey, it’s a Big Deal I even know which browser I’m using, lol.)

    I will ask Support if they have a bug-fix kit or I will live with two ‘lefties’ & chopped off ‘g’! Thanks for reply, drmike. Hope you have some fun today.




    I finally got a post up, after Movers from Hell damaged my computer, and I got a NICE surprise: a leftie and a rightie quotation mark appeared. So I popped in to say ‘half Thanks’!

    The other ‘Half’: at the risk of getting labeled ‘petty poster’ may it please the court:
    ~single marks to indicate ‘irony’ around a word
    also gets two lefties

    ~decending characters
    bottoms still chopped off

    Could WP/PRESSROW designer/gnomes do their thing and fix single quote marks and change sidebar font size/decending character? (–No promises, but there Could be a steak dinner on the line….)

    One happy/not as dumb-looking Poppy



    Hi, just having a slight problem here.

    A couple of days back, I changed my theme to PressRow 0.1. I absolutely love the theme. I also like the fact that it was neat and tidy. After I posted an entry, the title of the entry appeared ok — large and emboldened. But the previous post all had their titles smaller than normal.

    Previously, I had noticed the uniform size of all the titles regardless of whether it was the latest entry or not. But now, the posts before my latest, all had a smaller sized title.

    I was wondering if it was a browser issue since I use Mozilla Firefox. I tried using the Opera browser and Microsoft IE, and both turned out well (aka expectantly normal sized font titles). So I was wondering if it was a theme issue or is it the browser problem?




    Well, I sort of figured the problem. It was the latest post’s editing issues.


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