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    Originally looked for blog provider on another host in case mine failed –when hosts were dropping weekly. First I looked at WP’s themes, not realizing there were two
    (dot org, dot com) platforms. When I found a drop-dead beautiful theme
    signed up immediately.

    I tried for months and MONTHS to get that theme. Even Got a provider (self-host); TRIED to figure out how to get theme on it; way beyond my skills, no help –WP “instructions” so lousy drove me crazy, quit. Then: WP dot com themes were the ugliest going anywhere. Frustrated, finally published dot com blog.

    When PRESSROW appeared, snapped up with delight; had it ever since.

    Stunned: got ‘heads up’ PRESSROW will be killed; read Forum, blog posts about
    problems with creator, etc. (At least now know: why he never answered my e-mails
    on correcting the errors!) –But, even with its flaws, I DON’T want
    to give it up. NEVER tired of it –luv it. NOTHING else available
    is as beautiful -clean -well laid out -such superb fonts…. –This from
    trained graphic designer –very very particular one.

    If I could create a theme: what’s missing in ALL old, new themes? Curves.
    NO theme –except the one I originaly found, EVER has half-circle on top –curves
    anywhere. EVERY theme: everything at right angles –sharp, hard, boring. Only “Greyed” comes close to being original, unique, but it’s too… grungy(?) to use.
    I write essays –longish ones, on events, issues long-After they happen -get daily comments –on old posts. I’m way NOT ‘cutting edge’ Instant blog-post type,
    need a Classic look.

    A new theme, for me:
    rounded edges –something else shape, not all hard-edge BOXES in Sidebar, everywhere;
    drop-downs on top, and Sidebar titles in unusual or curved/rounded shape –not boxes
    edges: feathered or ‘torn’ paper look

    Meanwhile till any of that shows up: If I HAFTA switch: suggestions –before I get depressed? What to use –change to what theme?

    –Or wp could just Make me Happy –leave PRESSROW alone…. I haven’t
    seen any new theme even close to half as good….

    The blog I need help with is


    Pressrow and Cutline were in a licensing dispute with Automattic and that is the reason both are disappearing.

    Wait and take a look at the replacement for pressrow that will be coming out. It should be substantially similar but with far more features.

    The likelihood of pressrow coming back or staying is virtually zero.

    It’s too bad that cutline and pressrow users got caught in the middle of this dispute, but they did.

    I’m not sure on your color preferences, but monochrome is rounded and has the post metadata (date, categories, etc.) off to the left of the post and has the custom menu support.

    Paperpunch has rounded corners but still is a little compartmentalized. Custom background colors/image and custom menu support.



    Thanks MUCH for replying –never sure anyone will, Akismet
    “thinks” I’m a spammer, lol.

    I did read ‘reams’ about the issues of Why the two themes
    will be axed; nearly choked when I saw all that –sheesh, isn’t
    life hard enough without Chris (designer) doing that junk….
    Doesn’t Matter which side I/anyone is on, WP MUST, of course,
    do what is right for the business; I’m the roadkill result.

    My ‘tip-toeing’ thru “Themes” hasn’t yielded…a good choice.
    But: quite right, “improved” new PRESSROW Could stave depression.

    Here’s Hoping: New PRESSROW will have
    -Left quote mark: face INWARD
    -Between sentences: TWO spaces (geeze, am I TIRED of putting a character
    then making it white color)
    -Titles over widgets: More space so the characters like bottom of “g”
    aren’t cut off
    -Headlines: FIT –without long blank space forcing 2nd and 3rd
    other small annoyances….

    I will look at both suggestions. Thank you for time, suggestions, Appreciate.


    PS Can you/anyone tell me why “edit” missing from Forum posting?



    Apparently the edit feature for forum posts was removed a while back because people would change their posts and make the subsequent replies look irate/nonsensical/insulting etc. Much easier for it to work this way, sol long as (along with everything else you make available online) you remember that it can be viewed (and misunderstood) by almost everyone.



    Yikes! LOL, how Incredibly stupid… Sheesh, in the beginning of
    WP Forum: nobody did such junk –but I was always glad to have
    “edit” for that missing word –poorly written sentence. Geeze,
    In fifty years I wouldn’t have thought to do such a thing
    –slant a post to make Replier look stupid. WP has children now???

    That must be disappointing thing for Happiness crew….

    Thanks for reply, I didn’t know. I’ll be extra careful
    in posts the first/only time…. (or use “Check Spelling”)
    You were nice to pop in, Thanks.



    -Edit: forgot to add –thing I REALLY REALLY want
    if ‘new’ ‘improved’ PRESSROW:
    at end of post I want to add Categories, Tags in the ORDER I choose
    –NOT in alphabetical order
    i.e., Republicans, Democrats –next to each other, NOT separated
    far down a SET list
    –had that for a while, but one day it *poofed*

    Got any ‘inside’ info:
    When new PRESSROW will appear? Peeps were pretty unhappy with Cutline changeover
    Will WP give: long lead time –for “new” –before existing PRESSROW disappears?

    (I should prolly say: all this is probably making me sound, uh
    neurotic, lol, I usually just go with the flow, of whatever, I totally
    get nobody/nothing on-line is certain; but after so many years,
    the theme has become…
    part of my ID? lol)


    All people using Pressrow with custom CSS have already been notified as I remember, and I expect after the cutline/coraline debacle they will give a longer lead time for people. They have already done several things differently this time around including not making Pressrow available to people not already using it or to new users. That way they don’t get it pulled out from under them right after they choose it.

    As to when it will happen, only staff knows that.

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