"PressThis" won't install on Explorer?

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    I am trying to install the tool “Press This” on my work computer which uses Internet Explorer. The move handles show up but it doesn’t move, and I don’t get a menu when I right-click. It worked fine on my Mac at home with Safari. Hmm, and I just tried it on Firefox and it also worked fine. So… does anyone know how to make it work on Explorer 8?? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is to-read-to-write.com.



    We’ll look into this. Is there any chance that you could upgrade to IE 9? It’s a much nicer browser.



    I’m having this problem with PressThis and IE8 also. And the IE8 Accelerator app gets an error message when I try to install it – It says “There was a problem with this accelerators information”. I don’t want to upgrade to IE9 – tried that and had problems with Amazon shopping cart, which I use much more often than PressThis.

    Pls help.



    I’m sorry but we Volunteers cannot help you. As Staff suggested above upgrading your browser may be effective. If you aren’t willing to do that or to use another browser then we have reached a full stop. Staff will reactivate the support link again early Monday 29th August (UTC).

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