Prevent featured images from displaying at the tops of posts?

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    I added a featured image to each of my posts in order to have those images display on the category lists that I use for navigation on my blog. (@sandymcfadden helped me accomplish the lists on Motif.) But I didn’t realize the images would display at the beginning of each post. How might I prevent this? Or is there another way I can attach images to my category lists?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there, we can use the .single body class selector to hide the featured images on single post pages in Motif with the following CSS:

    .single .entry-thumbnail {
        display: none;


    Hi, @thesacredpath. Thank you so much! That worked perfectly–for the posts which already had featured images set. After adding the CSS I went back to my last post and set its featured image too (which I hadn’t previously done). That image showed up at the start of the post again. What am I missing?


    I’ve looked at your latest post (Keeping up…) and see that you do not currently have a featured image set for that post. The code I gave should work for all posts.


    Ah, I don’t know how to explain it, but the first time I set a featured image on that post (this was after I had applied your CSS), the image still showed up at the top of that post. So I removed it. That’s when you checked it out. I just now reset the image, and it is doing what I desire: no longer showing up at the beginning of the post. :) I’ll just have to see what happens in the future! Thanks again.


    Goodness, @thesacredpath, it went sour again — the next time I checked it that darn featured image appeared at the top of my latest post. So I once again removed it. Do you need me to put it back so you can see what it does? Your code DOES work for all the previous posts, but not apparently for the post I posted after pasting the code.


    Hmmm, strange. Yes, can you add the featured image back onto your latest post and then let me know and I’ll take a look.


    Okay, I re-selected a featured image for that latest post (it’s a wide middle portion of the typewriter drawing) — so now there are two typewriter drawings at the start :). It’ll be there waiting for you!


    The code I gave above stops the featured image from appearing on the single post pages. On your main page, your latest post is showing the image twice. The top one is the featured image and the one below it is the one that you have inserted into the post itself. The one inserted into the post itself will still show on the single post page.

    I’ve looked at your main page and the single post page for your latest post in Safari, Firefox and in Chrome, and on the single post page, the featured image does not show, just the identical one that you have inserted into the post body itself.


    You can see what I mean if you go to the single post page for your latest post in the Customizer and in the CSS, temporarily delete or comment out the code I had given above. With it commented out, you will see two typewriter images, but with the code active, you will see only the typewriter image in the post itself.


    I finally get it. (You are a very patient man.) “Single post page” is the key, and I hadn’t thought through what that meant until now. So I need to choose carefully my featured images so I don’t have doubled up pics like that when a viewer scrolls through multiple posts. Thank you so much.


    Yay! I was thinking there might be a misunderstanding. I should have provided some links to help with what I was saying.

    And you are very welcome.

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