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    I have searched and searched. I cannot find how to prevent selected images from displaying in gallery view. All images on the page in question wound up in the gallery immediately after being linked to the page from the image library. I want some of these selected images included for separate individual display elsewhere on the same page as contains the gallery.

    There seems no way to insert images on a page from the image library without also inserting them into the gallery view. Then once in gallery view, they cannot be deleted from there without deleting them from the library too.

    This simply isn’t working the way I expected, so there must be a work around somewhere.

    The blog I need help with is



    Please carefully review the instructions and use the Gallery Shortcode to exclude images.
    o get an attachment ID for an image, go to your Media Library and hover over the image title you want to exclude. You can find the ID in the URL (the number after attachment_id=).
    You may also be interested in reading the information in the unofficial Gallery FAQ


    Thanks for trying your best to guide us. I have tried and tried to find this attachment ID designation for photos in the media library. It just simply isn’t there. Are there possibly two places with similar sounding names where to look for this?

    Secondly, I have looked and looked, and I can’t find this Gallery Shortcode. I don’t know what it is: a file, a folder, a download of some kind, or what. If I knew what it was, maybe that would help me call it up somehow.



    A shortcode is simply a line of text within square brackets, like:


    You can insert that text anywhere in a post or page, and in this case, assuming you have images attached to that post or page, it will display all of them for you.

    To exclude images, do what timethief suggested to find the attachment ids, and then put the shortcode with the attachment id numbers into your post, like so:

    [gallery exclude=”24,30,43″]

    which would display all of the gallery images associated with that post EXCEPT numbers 24, 30, and 43.



    * Note: To get an attachment ID for an image, go to your Media Library and hover over the image title you want to exclude. You can find the ID in the URL (the number after attachment_id=). from >


    OK, thanks for the hint on what this Shortcode consists of. I can see it by switching to the HTML display of the page in question.

    I still don’t have image numbers associated with any of the 9 images in the gallery. I am trying to exclude 3 of them, but none of the url lines have the language “attachment_id=”

    So including the Shortcode [gallery exclude="7,8,9"] does nothing.

    Am I supposed to manually type this id language into each url, assigning my own id # ???



    Dashboard sidebar: hover over Media, click Library;
    hover over desired image, look at the progress/status bar of your browser;
    or hover over desired image, click Edit, look at the address bar of your browser.


    Thank you timethief, jackiedana, and justpi for your help and support.

    I now have final comments about the two problems which I raised.

    First, in Pages/Visual view/ Edit mode, there is a “Get Shortlink” button. This doesn’t work, at least not in either Safari or Firefox for Mac. If this button had brought up the Shortlink matrix display which the WordPress help pages illustrate, maybe it might have helped point to and explain what Shortcode is and where it is found in the html display.

    Second, finding that elusive image attachment id is not being described correctly in the WordPress help pages.
    Navigating to Media/Library, and with the cursor “hovering” over an image, does NOT reveal the attachment id
    What you have to do is put each image in the Edit mode, then look, not at the File URL in the edit window, but at the browser progress bar at the top of the page.

    Bye for now, and again my thanks for the help.



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