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Preventing copy content

  1. I would like to prevent readers from cutting and pasting content from my blog zerdinisworld. What is the best way to do this please?
    Blog url:

  2. Don't put it on your blog or the internet - anything that can be displayed on your browser can be copied - you can set your blog to "Private" then only people you invite in can read your blog - but they can still copy your content

  3. Thanks for replying Auxclass.
    I know of at least one blog/website where one cannot even highlight text. That is what I am getting at. I am asking if it is possible to do this with a wordpress blog hosted on

  4. That website's content CAN be copied, it's just beyond your scope.

    Anyway, it's not possible to do even that on a blog.

    I always remeber what Picasso said about his forgers. "That's the best thing they'll ever do, and tomorrow I'll wake up, and I'll be Picasso"

  5. No script programming allowed here which that site does - so no you can't disable highlight text on WordPress.COM - but even that can be gotten around - once a person has the content on their browser they can copy it.

  6. Could you link to that blog/website please?

  7. OK thanks. I am just trying to make it harder for text to be copied. I realise that a dedicated person would be able to take it. I guess the alternative is to host it myself.

    justpi - the blog is mentioned above.

  8. It's probably Flash, come on. You know that.

  9. @zerdini: I didn't mean your blog, I meant the "blog/website where one cannot even highlight text".

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