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Preventing Email Spam

  1. I would like to allow the visitors to my blog to be able to contact me personally via email. If I put my email address on my pages will I attract a lot of spam? If so, then is there some other way?


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    Yup. I would suggest displaying it as such:

    myemailaddress ( at ) mydomain ( dot ) tld

    It's a pain but *shrug* what can you do.

    Another thing you can do is just set up a throw away email address at Yahoo and use that.

    Hope this helps,

  3. I just set up such an email address and since I did I've gotten 22 PAGES of regular comment spam and not one spam email to that address, so I'd say if you spell it out like Dr. Mike suggests you won't have a big problem.

  4. I wrote about what I do to show my email address on this previous thread:

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