preventing user from pressing the “Posted in ____” link

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    i made my new site today :
    at the most button section of my site, there is a link that the users can press :
    “Posted in About Mainform”.
    i dont want them to do that because it is very much confusing to get inside a different site with strange data in it. – i want them to stay in my site.

    How do i drop the “Posted in About Mainform” ?



    It would have been convenient if you had posted an active link to your blog {grin}

    You can:
    (1) Delete the category here -> Manage -> Categories
    (2) Post the information on the page as a static Page -> Write -> Page

    This may be helpful understanding your blogroll, links and categories

    Also note that the Terms of Service here does not allow blogs to be used to drive traffic to 3rd party sites. See Section 2, 5th bullet
    and we have advertising restrictions as well



    You can make the tags and categories local by setting your privacy to the medium setting:
    Dashboard->Options->Privacy->”I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors”

    This, of course, has the down side of blocking search engines.



    (*nods* to Judy)

    yes, that’s correct — hiding your blog from search engines and hence from almost all the potentional visitors is the only way you have here.

    also, according to Matt, you are supposed to change your mind and forget about confusion which follows global tags.

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