“Preview” and “Save” have disappeared from “Edit Post” Screen

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    “Preview” and “Save” have disappeared from the options I see when editing a post on http://oneminutebookreviews.wordpress.com/. When I have the “Edit Post” screen open, the only option I get is “Publish.” How can I get “Preview” and “Save Back”? I have tried logging out, clearing the cache and cookies, and doing a full restart. These don’t work. Thanks for any help you can give.

    The blog I need help with is oneminutebookreviews.wordpress.com.



    Did you happen to upgrade your Firefox today? Some people have reported unusual issues with that today.


    I didn’t upgrade today but do use Firefox.


    For the record, I have just tried logging on with Safari instead of Firefox, and that doesn’t work, either.


    Okay, here is how you solve the problem if “Save” and “Preview” disappear from your “Edit Post” page and all you see is “Publish.” Hit “Publish” EVEN if you don’t want to publish the post. (Yes, this is a leap of faith if you haven’t been able to finish editing what you want to post.) Hitting “Publish” will NOT publish your post but will make the “Save” and “Preview” buttons magically reappear.

    I have no idea why this works, but it does.


    The editor modules are collapsible: when you click on their titlebar, the contents get hidden or displayed again.

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