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  1. Some other forums I use have an option to preview the forum post before actually posting it. This allows you to check formatting, and for other problems before actually committing the post to public view. Especially useful for checking out how html in the post will be viewed.

  2. guess one can edit post/comment right after the moment post has been posted, but till it's not replied (or session is expired).

    unfortunately, I can't see the way to delete comment/root post.

  3. i've seen that on some blogs made with WordPress. That would a nice feature

  4. Heh, this forum is deliberately primitive. It's to discourage us from spending too much time here when we should be blogging ;)

  5. well, I'm glad it exists, i couldn't run wordpress and all its functions without those pre-installed features and a bit of help

  6. Actually it's primitive on purpose. That's one of the things that they brag about on their website.


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