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Preview of Blog post from home page

  1. on my home page, I chose the excerpt option instead of the entire article, but it is not showing an excerpt. how do I fix this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    The default post, "First Blog Post," that you changed the title and content of still has a default excerpt set on it, which displays instead of the automatic excerpt, which otherwise would be drawn from the content of the post. The specific default excerpt can be found and removed at Post Editor > Post Settings > More Options > Excerpt.

  3. thank you! Now how will I edit my home page (just in terms of formatting)? how can I add a picture with the excerpt?

  4. You're welcome. You may insert images into the content of the post -- see the Images support page for relevant info and links -- or set a featured image on the post.

  5. I have set a featured image, but it is not displayed with the excerpt

  6. Some additional information, specific to the Hemingway Rewritten theme:

    Under Post Formats & Sticky Posts in the Hemingway Rewritten theme guide you'll find:

    Featured images set for Sticky Posts are displayed on the blog and archives above the post content.

    Effectively, this means that featured images set on all posts which are not marked sticky will not appear on the blog and archives pages.

    An image inserted into the post will not appear with the excerpts on the blog page, unless it is the first (topmost, I think) image in the post, and you check the box labeled "Automatically use first image in post" at Customize > Content Options > Featured Images.

  7. thank you! Now how can I change the formatting of the preview (change picture size, put text on sides)?

  8. You're welcome! I'm going to call for staff attention to the topic. Please wait for staff to respond.

  9. Hi lukassouza11,

    Now how can I change the formatting of the preview (change picture size, put text on sides)?

    By default, the Hemingway Rewritten theme doesn't include options for changing the featured image size or where the text sites in relation to the featured image. However, there are a couple of options you can look at:

    If a post isn't featured, you can insert an image and align it left in the editor:

    This would display the image on the left and the text would 'wrap' around it to the right.

    CSS could be used to change the featured image size and possibly align the text fully to the right. This feature is only available with Premium and Business plans so you would need to upgrade from the plan you are currently using:

    Please let me know if you need any further help.


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