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    Hi guys!

    This is a bit weird, and today’s the first time this happened to me: when I want to preview a post, it wants to open in a pop-up at first, which it usually never does, and which my browser automatically blocked (I use Chrome on Windows 7, btw). I opened the pop-up window, the preview was fine. Then, just to try, I closed it and clicked preview in the editor again–upon which it opened as it normally does, in a new tab. And now, ten minutes later, no preview at all will open. Nothing.

    Is this some freak of technology or a bug? ’cause it’s a bit of a hindrance :D


    The blog I need help with is


    As I said, now it’s all just… poof. No previews opening anywhere. Guys, what’s wrong?


    Tried it on my mum’s netbook, Windows XP3 with Chrome, and here previews are working. Checking again on mine.


    OK, it’s back to normal now. Must have been a temporary glitch/bug.



    Previews alternating again. Seems to occur when there has been no permalink generated yet.



    Exactly. From experience, you can’t “Preview” a post until you clicked on Save Draft at least once, or until autosaves it for you.



    But i guess when you click preview it gets autosaved ;)



    I wish it did… otherwise I wouldn’t be experiencing the same issue grummelm├Ądchen reported :-)



    he he actually guys IT DOES AUTOSAVE when YOU CLICK ON PREVIEW button…

    now try to understanding why all this is happening….

    When you open a new tab things do get autosave but if your new tab is like blocked then it wont do the autosave thing also…

    P.S.: Autosave happens if the code is allowed to display a new tab or pop up.. if aint no autosave

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