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preview site/view site problem

  1. Hi, im having a problem with the regulus theme, when i copy the css stylesheet and paste it into the css editor and begin to edit the values/attributes i can only see the changes effected in preview but not when i save and click 'view site'.
    Any idea why this might be happening? ive a feeling the values im adding in arnt over-riding the old values for whatever reason.

  2. Did you pay for the CSS upgrade?

  3. yup, i purchased the upgrade and it says i have 15 credits for the custom css subscription in the 'my subscriptions' section.

  4. In that case, I think you need to contact staff at support at wordpress dot com. Unless some CSS guru happens to be wandering by and can take a look at your blog.

    Which is where, by the way? Easier for us to help you if we can see the blog in question.

  5. Thanks for the reply :)
    oddly the changes that i affected that wouldnt appear when i hit 'view site' last night now appear to have taken effect.
    My best guess is theres some sort of delay on the server between what im viewing in my browser (by hitting preview) and what changes have actually been accepted by the server (but hitting view site).
    Could be totally wrong, but that would seem to make sense.

  6. Yes, that would make sense. It would also be the first report of such a thing with the CSS. Maybe it's your browser looking at a cached page instead, then updating?

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