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    The last couple of days, when I am finishing up a draft post and hit “Preview a post” I get the error message “Sorry, no post matches this criteria.” This has also happened in the past. It seems that the “Preview a post” feature is somewhat unstable – working some weeks and not working other weeks. Is there something I could be doing wrong? I’m just confused because I don’t think I’m doing anything differently from week to week.

    And to be clear, these are draft posts that are not showing up…not published posts.


    Hm… it works fine for me. Did you click save before you previewed the post?

    The only logical explanation I can think of at the moment is that you might have clicked “preview post” before the autosave started. Or somewhere along the line. o_o



    Also: please give us a direct link to your blog, starting with http. We can only guess if we can’t see the blog.


    Um… he did say that it only happens with draft posts, not published ones. So we wouldn’t be able to see it even if the blog link is given, right?



    That’s true. But we WILL be able to see if his blog is at or not. NEVER assume, or you’ll spend half your time giving solutions which don’t apply because someone is in the wrong forum.

    I’ve seen four posters with similar problems recently, all in the wrong forum.


    Okie, thanks for notice!

    Always forget about the wrong forum part. xP



    You get tired of spending half an hour helping someone only to realize none of your advice applies. I’m just bitter about it is all.

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