Previewing a theme before committing to it?

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    I’m wondering if there is a way to preview how my blog would look using a different theme without compromising my current one? I don’t want to change it, realize it’s not for me, and then have to go back and try to “redo” my old one if you know what I mean. Any help would be appreciate, thanks so much!



    When you look through themes in the Appearance section of your Dashboard, there’s a “Preview” link that will let you browse through your blog with the new theme without changing your current theme.


    Thank you so much!



    You’re welcome!



    When I look at the new theme in the Preview link it looks fine then when I activate it it goes wonky??? Help!



    What do you mean by “wonky”? Please provide specifics.

    Also please go here > Settings > reading and reduce the number of posts on your front page of your blog. Page loading time is a factor in pageranking and studies reveal visitors click out if a blog takes a long time to load like yours does.



    Ok, thanks, did that. When I preview a theme it looks fine, everything shows up in the right place (ie: sidebar) When I activate it some of the previous background shows up and the sidebar is at the bottom even though it should be on the left side. I truly appreciate any help. I did not set up my site, but I’m trying to learn as I go. I also cannot find ‘plugins’ anywhere on my dashboard.



    Let’s deal with this in reverse order.

    (1) There is no FTP access to free hosted blogs like the one linked to your username and we cannot upload individual plugins into them.

    (2) “some of the previous background shows up”
    If the blog you have has been CSS editied then CSS is theme specific. If you have custom CSS and change themes, you need to delete whatever CSS you have in the Editor, otherwise, you’ll get undesired results.

    To ‘reset’ a theme, you need to delete the CSS in the Editor, make sure the “add to existing CSS” radio button is checked, then save. Things should go back to normal.

    When you alter a theme’s stylesheet, you only need to put in the Editor the modification/additions to the CSS, not the entire thing. Read this for more info:

    (3) “sidebar is at the bottom”
    This could be caused by the CSS editing and change of theme. It can also be caused by an open HTML tag.

    Go to Settings > Writing and select “ ___ WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then scroll down and click “Save Changes.” Now, starting with your latest post, open it in the editor, make one minor change such as adding a space and then deleting it, and then click “Update Post.” Check your blog and see if it is back to normal.

    If it’s not, then look for an open HTML tag and close it. Check your blog again and see if it is back to normal. If it’s still “messed up” then open the next post and do the same thing post by post until it goes back to normal.



    Yay!!! That worked! Thank you so much:-) So one more question, I just upgraded to be able to add mp3’s and while it will let me upload one, I still can’t paste an embed code into the body of a post (so that the podcast is actually on my page and not just a link) my friend has a wordpress account, even the same them and the code works on hers, any ideas?



    @pamcarriker: If I may suggest: create a new topic because
    – this one is already marked “resolved”
    – your next question is on a completely different topic

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